Destination Wedding St. Lucia || Part 2

After they were officially official (legally married in St. Lucia!) it was time for some photos and then a march through the town down to the docks to hop on the water taxi! A soft rain started to come in just as we left. Everyone we passed waved and congratulated them! Once we were all aboard the boat the rain started to pick up and felt so incredibly romantic! The Captain perfectly positioned us to have the Piton in the background for some photos. It was the cutest thing when everyone broke out their phone and cameras and I decided to get a photo of them! Also, ALL of the kudos to the newlyweds. They must really be in love because at every point in the day they couldn’t take their eyes off each other and went along seamless with any direction I gave 🙂 Even when curious people form the town were only feet away or their family was paparazzi-ing them. 

We dropped everyone off at the main resort and sped off to the PRIVATE BEACH for SUNSET PORTRAITS! AHHHHHHH!! The light was insane! And the clouds in the sky gave the best mood and contrast. ROCKS! CLIFFS! BLACK SAND!! Of course the rain stopped as soon as we got there and then only started up again when we decided to start going back. How cool is that?!

The reception was spectacular! They had the cutest tent on the beach with sting lights and palm fronds. It rained a bit and the clouds definitely did not allow for an epic sunset BUT their amazing planner Janelle grabbed us when a bit of pink started to shine on the distant clouds. I grabbed a few SUPER high ISO shots before it disappeared completely. 

We enjoyed the most delicious coursed dinner and everyone cried during the Father of the Bride toast. So perfect. And their cake! Literal death by chocolate with local chocolate and fresh cocoa nibs! Yum! We were also serenaded by an angel! They had an amazing singer and guitarist for entertainment and we gave them a standing ovation for every song! We could not wait to get out on the sand and dance! 

We all danced the night away and even the singer jumped in to show us some moves. I love how Autumn’s dress absorbed the sand! She didn’t have a care int he world! Seeing Alex hold her so sweetly as they danced the last dance was so moving…Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Duntz!

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