Our Wedding Pt 3

Part 3! 

To fully experience our wedding day you need to set the tone with our music. It’s probably my favorite part of the entire wedding. Listen here.

Joe knew exactly what our menu would be before we were even engaged. We had become close with Kevin & Joanna of Good Food and very familiar with their incredible services. They blew his mind with the family style dinner they served at our first industry event together, the Starlit Supper in 2017. He HAD to have the pork belly, his favorite. We also had to have their new adorable cart for champagne and cocktails after the ceremony. We added Good Food’s famous shrimp n’ grits to the family style menu plus a salad and a vegan option for a few our of pals. Nitro ice cream for sure had to be desert and we knew they would craft delicious cocktails for us. They even brought the giant cubes of ice for the Old Fashionds. They took such great care of us and our guests were really impressed. We actually got to eat too! We were so happy that we opted for the sweetheart table. It was so nice to be on our own tiny island, able to absorb…everything. We watched our families bonding, our friends becoming friends with each other, and we took deep breaths of gratitude and mental pictures of the other couples smiling and smooching. We were able to eat a full serving everything, even the oysters before it was time for toasts.

Oh and we must talk about the design!! We loved having the long feasting table for the bridal party mixed in with the rounds. Of course the fancy chairs looked amazing and the florals were to die for! We decided to get rentals from Trove which happened to be around the corner. Tiffany was so excited to bring out modern look to life. We chose black on black plates, metallic flatware, and these really cool amber water goblets. Everything mixed perfectly together with the custom name cards and favors that Melissa made. She even included the menu! Did you see how cute our pins were!? We kept a few for ourselves and are trying to think of funny uses for them. Oh and I am obsessed with the iridescent champagne flutes I found at Anthro! The catch all of the colors perfectly plus they were nice and big, that glass and a margarita was all the alcohol I had that night.

Before we sat down under the start for dinner though we made the grandest entrance ever! We were introduced along with the bridal party to the music form SNL! We had told the bridal party just seconds before hand that at some point we were going to ask them to join a conga line and that they needed to just jump in. Frenzy! They were so excited! Joe and I had a special first dance surprise up our sleeve. We had been practicing and then not practicing for months! We almost chickened out but I am so glad we did it. We blew everyone away! First we went into our slow dance to Dig by Incubus. Joe cut it together perfectly with a song from my favorite movie, Beetlejuice. The love song stopped and the beat came in…we broke out into our salsa and heard the crowd roaring! We nailed it all, even the lift at the end! We will never ever, ever forget the rush of that moment! The payoff of keeping that secret was better than I could have imagined. Thank you Amanda!

The toasts, man we are kicking ourselves for not having more people do a speech during the rehearsal. We didn’t realize just how incredible it would be to be on the receiving end until we were there laughing and crying that night. I literally cannot wait for the video footage so we can re-live Christina’s epic toast! She brought down the house! There was so much love poured on us, we will never be the same. After the cheers and tears I had a dance with my dad to So this is Love from Cinderella. He held onto me so tight and was just so happy. He even dipped me! I’m so happy we had that special moment together, especially considering the whirlwind of the weekend. My eyes are welling up writing this because we haven’t seen them since that night. We took off to our honeymoon the next day and came back in a pandemic. I cannot wait to hug them again. 

Before we knew it it was time to cut the cake and DANCE! Corey made us the most beautiful and delicious cake! We never got a bite of ice cream though because we were too busy dancing. If you weren’t on the dancefloor we didn’t get to spend any time with you! Lucky for us it was packed out and everyone, young and old had an amazing time. Joe curated the very best in funk with a sprinkle of my indie in there. We formed a circle and belted out Celine Dion and ended the night with Let the Sunshine in. We could have danced all night. I really wish we had been able to extend it at least one more hour but miraculously DJ Eric got in all of our music and we ended on such a HIGH!

We ended up back at the BnB, sober. We were too busy having the time of our lives to have more than one or two cocktails. We were buzzing as our drunk friends excitedly told us about how one of the smoke bombs caught fire, this person got doused in champagne (by me), and how amazing they thought everything was. We felt complete. We spent the next day clearing out and getting back home to the cats just to unpack and repack for the honeymoon. We read through all of our cards and cried happy tears once again. I am so glad we took off (almost) right away for the trip. Being able to process all of the emotions together unbothered by the world was the best gift. We listened to our playlist incessantly and reminisced. We made new memories chasing each other down the mountainside, new memories as husband and wife. 

Thank you for sharing in all of the love and excitement. Being on the inside has given me such a profound shift in perspective and new level of respect for all involved. I truly cannot freaking wait to a part of a wedding celebration again! I truly have the best job in the world. 

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