Becca and Mike Engaged!

Blogged…after the wedding! Hahaha…it was a busy summer ok 🙂

Mecca & Mike’s AMAZING wedding day was preceded by their bad ass engagement session at the Largo Botanical Gardens. How cute are they!? And then how hot!?

WE had the most amazing light and weather that day and I really loved their style. Again, beck’s EYEBALLS! I mean I will marry her! I was so happy to get so many good Brenizer shots too. That is where I take about 5 images and stick them together in a panoramic to create a wide angel image with a super super shallow depth of field. Can you pick out which ones they are?

Yup, that's right - I just got married and documented EVERYTHING. Start browsing now!

Our Wedding at Acre Orlando, Part 1


Fully experience our wedding as we got ready - all the little details from our invites to first look.

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Our Wedding at Acre Orlando, Part 2


The emotionally-charged ceremony complete with an ivy backdrop and smoke bombs!

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Our Wedding at Acre Orlando, Part 3


A champagne and oyster bar,   choreographed dance and the coolest party ever? We know how to party!

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DEETS FROM My Wedding:


Let's capture the moments that you want to remember forever.