Fairytale Sunken Gardens Wedding

Fairytale kind of love right here. Sarah and Evan had a magical wedding at the Sunken Gardens and reception at the Crystal Ballroom. These lovers started as friends across many miles and were ecstatic to celebrate their big day. Even called it when he predicted Sarah would be in a ballgown! She was a vision of one of my favorite Princesses, Belle and she had the dance moves to back it up. Before we get to the incredible dancing I have to tell you how much fun it was to photograph them at the Gardens!

One of my favorite things about SG weddings is being able to photograph details and portraits out there in the splendor. I loved playing with their gorgeous invitation suite, heirloom jewelry, flowers and more. The setting is like no other. Their nearest and dearest were such a fun group, both the girls and guys brought their photo A game. I love it when they go along with my antics and have ideas of their own. 

Once it was time for the ceremony Sarah popped in a perfect piece of tulle for an over the face veil. She had also brought a pice of tulle to their engagement session. That emerald detail made for some of my favorite portraits ever! And I am also a sucker for a traditional veil. I just loved how it looked as she walked through patches of sun and when Even lifted it, WOW. 

Their ceremony was so special and sentimental. They wrote their own vows, had a special prayer with their grandparents, did a sand ceremony, and had the maid of honor sing the most beautiful song. It all culminated in that wowzer of a kiss! 

EEEeeeeEeeeEEEeeee the gardens are such a gorgeous backdrop!!! Can you tell I was having fun with those “little people” type shots? In love. We played as long as we could before it was time to head over to the party. The Crystal Ballroom was decked out! Pink uplights galore and alllll the chandeliers. It was a gorgeous space for them to DANCE in! I am so impressed with Evan’s dance skills! Sarah has been dancing like, forever, and Even only picked up this waltz in the last few months! Look at how her dress flows! I loved capturing this dance floor. It was full of other dancers showing off and Sarah even had lovely dance with her favorite instructor. So cute. 

To end a perfect night we had a sparkler exit out! They made off in their rental and soon were flying over the Gulf to their honeymoon in the wee hours of the morning. 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cowles! 

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