Salt Block Catering Event

Salt Block knows how to party and how to make incredible food! I had the privilege of capturing a huge event they put on at the Glazer’s Children museum this year. It was the managers appreciation party for the Casper Co. I was there to capture all of their stations and the overall mood of the event. They really wanted to show off how you could use the entire museum to surprise and delight guests. It was super fun and colorful, perfect for me 🙂 I had hoped that I accomplished their goal but was bowled over when the owner, Ryan reached out to pass along the feedback he had gotten from their client. 


First off, I cannot say how useful your photos will be in helping us duplicate this event and showcase our vision to our clients. Secondly, I wanted to share with you a review once we sent your photos to the client. Albeit – this is my father – he chooses his words wisely, and does not necessarily give feedback like this unless it is warranted. 


Finally looked at all the pics.  Ashlee did an incredible job capturing most (not all) of what your team did to put our event together.  In the midst of the event, where the responsibility of our guests’ experience lies primarily on my shoulders, I did not take the time to notice and appreciate the detail and precision that went into it.  Ashlee brought that out in her photographic documentary of an epic event.  I never really noticed the array of colors you injected into every aspect of the evening in china, decorations, linen, drapery, lighting and your people.  The GCM was completely transformed into more than what we had envisioned.  Her food close-ups revealed the detail put in by your production crew and the creativity of your chef.  Not only was each display a visual work of art, every morsel of food was a work of art in and of itself.  The picture sequencing of our employees’ experiences not only captured their moment of fun and joy, it also documented the kind of atmosphere produced by your staff.  Crushed it. 

This event set a new high bar for us with lofted expectations of what can be developed when imaginations are unleashed.  Hopefully our example can showcase what Saltblock can accomplish.

Please be sure to convey our gratitude to the entire Saltblock team.

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